Here are some tools and rigs I've developed that you may find useful. Click the names below to download them

Josh Cam 

(This is a camera rig I developed for my own short film. It uses the features I liked the most from various real world cameras and rigs and combined them into one super rig.)

Oh Snap!

(A handy UI with snapping tools, along with a few other fun features. Always select the object you wish to snap first and then the object you wish to snap to.)

Feel the Noize

(A simple UI to add random noise and random keys to selected channels.)

Time Ranger

(This script is a tool to set your timeline in your scene, along with giving you the ability to both import and export the range into other scenes.)

Zoo Change Roo UI

(This script is a simple UI I made to make using zooChangeRoo a bit easier. You can download zooChangeRoo here. Please note that my UI has no official relation to zooChangeRoo)


(A handy script to reset a selection, or selected channels, back to the default value.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!